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Iconoclast - Domination or Destruction LP

ICONOCLAST Discography including the immense self released 1983 Demo, The Flipside 7″ from 1985 plus Two Compilation tracks. It’s a small but perfectly formed discography and one that 36 years after it was first recorded still has power, intensity and rage. - LVEUM.

I can't echo the sentiments loud enough that this bands demo is IMMENSE, and what a flawless discography they left behind. Like their contemporaries Crucifix, Diatribe, and Bitter End; Iconoclast were much more influenced by the UK hardcore punk side of things than many, pounding out a very Crass and Discharge style blend of hardcore, that's truly excellent. Comes with a massive 12" x 12" booklet with incredible interviews, photos, and flyers. Must purchase if anything for the Iconoclast article featured in an 80's Male Review Magazine!!