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共三党 (Kyousantou) - Communist LP

If you haven't heard of Kyousantou, don't take it too personal. Kyousantou was a second wave Japanese punk band from Hiroshima City, who released 2 scarce cassette tapes "Communist" and "Uzimushi" in 1984, and quickly disappeared, with their drummer moving on to Gudon. Not only did they quickly fade into obscurity, their sound was also much closer to the punk side of things, as opposed to the more extreme hardcore sounds creeping into Japanese punk in 1984 that appeal to many collectors, and likely adding to the difficultly of discovering this band.

The sound, and themes here are purely influenced by The Stalin, and early Japanese punk. The Stalin influences are everywhere, from the music itself, to the communist themes (the band name itself is the same as the Japanese Communist Party), to lyrics flirting with anarchism, references to maggots/ worms on the B side, clearly influenced by The Stalin's "Mushi" (insects) LP, and esoteric song title structures like Nikuyoku β, inspired by the Stalin's "Allergy α" and "Allergy β" songs on Stop Jap.

If you are a fan of crude punk, The Stalin, or a fan of early bands who were influenced by them, such as Gauze on their early 80's compilation tracks, this will be right up your alley. Limited to 600 copies, and already sold out from the label. Limited to 1 per customer.