General Speech

Private Scandal Fanzine No. 3

In the 1990's the influence of the Kyushu punk (Gai, Swankys, Confuse, Lydia Cats, Sieg Heil, No Cut, Etc) style's take on the first and second wave UK sound had spread outside southern Japan, most notably into Chiba City outside Tokyo. Before bands like Screaming Noise and Thought Control, a crop of bands had sprouted up playing catchy and destructive noise punk like no other. This underrated micro-scene is an absolute favorite at General Speech, and this fanzine is a short trip into the japanese punk scumpit. Great fanzine detailing these bands, and features on 2 of the undoubted best of the 90's Chiba scene, The Margarets, and The C&C.
Highly Recommended.

Limited North American Distribution by General Speech.
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